Monday, 11 April 2016

Rent a boat in Dubai

Rent a boat in Dubai for a weekend filled with excitement and fun is easy. It doesn’t take any effort more than just a call to Super Yacht Dubai to book your dream vacation today. Our fleet of expensive high-end yachts built for stability and enjoyment are there for you picking. Pick a yacht, select your requirements and leave the rest up to us, you will also be in for a few surprises along way, that would make you want to do it all over again.
Rent a boat in Dubai
Taking the family out on a boat ride is adventurous, with something new to look forward to right from the time we send the limousine to pick you up. Even getting to your destination start is taken care of by very efficient crew and staff.
Our advice is to pack light. Depending on the duration of your sea adventure and the time of day, you will need to pack just few things like something to swim in, something to relax in, whatever you like have while drifting on the ocean. We advice you leave your technological communication devices at home and enjoy the true beauty of a sunset cruise.
Once you are on board our crew will show you around your chosen craft, helping you settle in. as soon as the yacht leaves the jetty area, you will be inclined to watch the city of Dubai shrink behind you, while you sip on refreshments and soak in the sun. Our crew will organize your snacks for you while you do absolutely nothing but enjoy the scenery. If fishing is your idea for a perfect private sea cruise, our crew will help you get started with the equipment on board.
The yacht is steered by a very experienced captain and guide who will navigate the yacht through some of the world’s most iconic landmarks like the World Islands, Palm Islands, Burj Dubai, and take you to the a private beach location where you can swim, fish some more and have fun with your family.
Rent a boat in Dubai
At the beach, you and your family can have fun relaxing on the sand, building sand castles in the sun or under shade. You can snorkel, and dive, and waddle around in the calm Dubai seas, while our staff prepare your BBQ on the beach, you have will have nothing to worry about.
Depending on the Dubai yacht you select, you can either have your turn shifting sails and navigating the vessel or sit in the captain’s seat and have your hand at steering the boat around the seas of Dubai. If you’d much rather leave that to the professionals, then you are also welcome to watch TV, listen to music, or read. Most of our high-end large passenger yachts are fitted with entertainment systems to keep our guests busy and feeling as if though they were in a moving hotel room.
Our cruise times are a minimum of four hours giving you plenty of time to make the most of your weekend. If over night cruises are you preferred choice for a weekend getaway, then you can select from the many packages that are available to suit your requirements..........

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