Thursday, 7 April 2016

Life on a Yacht Dubai

Dubai is a city that presents the world with its luxurious lifestyle, amazing privileges, and exciting experiences. Sailing a yacht Dubai is one Dubai experience that shouldn’t be missed. Super Yacht Dubai is a company that takes your sailing pleasures seriously, operating some of the most luxurious Dubai Yachts on the coastal seas of the UAE, the firms makes your most sophisticated yachting dreams come true.
The moon 117 is a 117-foot luxury yacht on the Dubai coastline by Super Yacht. The moon 117 is the latest addition to the Super Yacht’s fleet, taking guests to the middle of the ocean in the lap of luxury.
This boat for hire Dubai meets a top of the notch luxury, safe sailing experience. The interior has 8 luxurious cabins, elegantly designed with silk, velvets, rich wood, and glass, its hard to know you’re on a boat unless you look out the window. Sleeping 16 guests comfortably in beautifully designed suites, the suites have their own private bath and shower. The boat is no ordinary boat, and rouging out on this adventure is not something the past guests of Moon 117 are familiar with.
Boat for Hire Dubai
With large open spaces, to soak in the sun, its own kitchen, living, and saloon, equipped with entertainment systems throughout, combined with staff and the common services of a hotel, booking the yacht for any occasion, whether to relax or to entertain, would be a time you will never forget.
The yacht is built for safety, with a state-of-the-art navigation system, the moon 117 is built for the worse kind of seas, and weather. But the good news is that the Dubai Coast line is protected from harsh weather, where the sun shines almost 365 days of the year.
The Moon 117 is great for a family weekend getaway, a unique party location for a special event, corporate function or private function. It is also great for a couple’s sunset cruise complete with candle light dinner, music, entertainment, and very attentive staff.
You can hire the boat for a few hours, or take it out for the night, or rent a yacht for day cruise. The different packages available, helps you fit this yacht into your plans.
Boat for Hire Dubai
Super Yacht has an ever growing fleet of catamarans, small boats, mid-to-large yachts and this one a fully-fledged, almost a small ship, luxury sea cruiser that is available for hire.
Super Yacht also lets you enjoy the seas on one of our luxury cruisers by picking a shared cruise for yourself and family or partner. The shared cruises let you enjoy a relaxed day in the sun or under the night sky, meeting new people, making new friends, and enjoying the sights and sounds of sailing the seas of Dubai....

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