Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Dubai Yacht Charters

Super Yacht has had the privilege of taking many excitable guests out to sea to experience the world from a different perspective. Hundreds of Super Yacht customers have spent treasured moments watching the sun set, enjoying the Dubai skyline, and celebrating life’s special moments and victories, on board our luxury Dubai yachts. Many guests like to return repeatedly to spend time fishing off the coast of UAE.

Fishing is more than a hobby; it is in fact a great way to release stress while discovering the world’s oceans. Many studies have shown that people who enjoy fishing are better focused in life and present themselves as being relaxed and well composed when dealing with stressful situations. is a peaceful, sometimes considered a sport and sometimes-therapeutic allowing people to sit quietly while waiting for a kingfish to bite on the bait. Super Yacht provides all the necessary fishing gear required for a day or overnight expedition out to sea.

A fishing trip could mean a party of two or a group of individuals who are looking for a get-away from the hustle and bustle of every day city life. The Dubai seas are calm all year around, protected by landmasses all across. This also creates a sanctuary for various species of edible and non-edible fish and other marine life. The Arabian Gulf is crowded with high reefs and coral gardens.

The Arabian Gulf is home to numerous protected species of coral that is part of a unique eco system of marine life. Many of the fish caught can be taken back home, which our customers are always thrilled about. From the Ehrenberg snapper, the pink eye emperor to long tail tuna, the orange spotted travelly, kingfishers, mackerel and many more species that you would otherwise find frozen in a supermarket. Yacht, Dubai yacht charters also includes gear for snorkelling and scuba diving on board the yachts you select. With a captain and crew who will handle and take care of your navigation and safety, as a guest you will have little or nothing to worry about. Our luxury yacht charters require you to travel light, and we provide guests with towels, gear, soft drinks, and snacks. You can go ahead and make the cruise even more memorable by including your favourite dishes from our special menus of canap├ęs, and light snacks or you may go grand and choose entire cuisines.

Whether your interests lie in spear fishing, or prefer to immerse yourself in with the surrounding marine life, Super Yacht is the company that you need to talk to. Nothing exceeds sitting patiently, listening to the radio, and catching up on life, on board Super Yacht’s numerous luxury yachts and catamarans. The yachts in our fleet provide you the space, luxury, comforts, and gear that you need to go on that forever postponed fishing trip. Our well-trained and passionate captain and crew will make sure your needs are met, while you fish.

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