Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dubai Shared Cruises

Shared Cruises in Dubai are low-cost luxury weekend getaway packages made possible by Super Yacht Dubai. Our shared cruises in the morning and evenings offer families and individuals a chance to experience yacht cruises on the smallest of budgets. We provide everything you need for a spectacular weekend holiday in Dubai. Enjoy a day sailing, fishing, snorkelling, snacking on food and forging friendships with new people. Our team makes everything so easy that all you have to do is show up.
Shared Cruises in Dubai
 Super Yachts day and Dubai evening cruises are fun filled and exciting, with various activities specially planned by our staff who take care of everything from food, entertainment, safety, and your days itinerary, allowing you to distress under the most relaxing circumstances. Our yachts are captained by experienced skippers and crew members will sail from the dock at precisely 1 pm. everything you need for a swim, to snack on, and be entertained will leave with you on the yacht and this spectacular cruise will literally leave you breathless. You will have plenty of unlimited refreshments throughout the four hour journey along the coast line of Dubai. With crystal blue waters, untouched coral reefs beneath, the sun shining from above, and great company, our shared cruises is an experience not to be missed.
If sailing interests you, our friendly captain will let you take control of the luxury Dubai yacht for a while too. You can try your hand sailing or spend your time fishing if that’s what you prefer, either way the entire experience will not be one you can forget easily.
The cruise itself is great for networking to form business deals, with influential people, and forging lifelong friendships. What more could you ask for? Sailing the serene waters of Dubai, surrounded by Dubai’s man-mad wonders, docked on one of the isolated private beaches found around the Palm and World Islands, and taking a swim in the crystal blue waters is a part of shared cruise itinerary of Super Yacht Dubai. You will additionally enjoy a special Barbeque catered by our very talented chefs and served to you straight off the grill on the beach.
 The barbeque will encompass a variety of meats, salads, breads, desserts, and refreshing cold drinks and fruit juices. We have two cruises for the day, one is an afternoon cruise for lunch, where the yacht leaves the doc at 1 pm and arrives back at 5 pm. The day begins with a tour of the seas and all its splendour, our guide will show you the various sites that you need to experience, you get to wonder at the magical Islands that surrounds Dubai, and then we make a stop at a private beach, so you can swim, play with the waves, and enjoy the sun, in conversation. The barbeque is set up on the beach, and this is known to be an extravagant spread of tasty delicacies. We provide the towels and the safety gear for a swim. If you prefer staying on board and relaxing in the shade you can do that too, while our attentive staff prepares the beach barbeque. You can have another swim after lunch we set sail to be back at the harbour by 5 pm. also have the Dubai sunset cruise if you prefer the cooler temperatures, and a more romantic getaway with your partner then register for our Dubai evening cruise which leaves at 6.30 pm at sunset. Absorb the last rays of the sun, enjoy the city’s skyline, and drop in at the Burj al Arab private beach.
 Call our office on +971 55 6931948 and book your day cruise or sunset luxury cruise today for you and your family and friends. It’ll be an experience of a lifetime....

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