Monday, 30 May 2016

6 Adventurous Things to do in Dubai

Cars in Dubai:

The another face of Dubai is a dream activity for the third world country people, like the sports and other cars for example Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and range rover. However these are ordinary car Dubai people are use to for these, when you go out for a drive there are plenty of cars like these on roads also the fuel is very cheaper in price and available everywhere for long safari desert or city drive.

Wild wadi water park:

Wild wadi water park is one of the best source of re gaining vitamin D, people are usually came here for it, but beyond this advantage there are much more things to do in park, like swimming, hoteling, staying in huts, water park and much more water fun here, also there are something more to visit Wild park as follows:
1. Floor Slide
2. View of Burj Al-Arab
3. Lazy River
4. Toilet bowl slide

Ferrari world:
Ferrari world is equally fun place for kids and elders, there are dedicated park area for kids where they can make their dreams true. The Ferrari world has several types of engines for the visitors who are offering jungle ride, water ride and high air ride. Whole park is full of fun and colorful items also the park is decorated with colorful lights.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

A wedding is the most special day of anybody’s life; it is a day when two people announce to the world their pledge to love each other for the rest of their lives. It is the beginning of a journey and this day should not be anything less than spectacular and memorable. Super Yacht Dubai specializes in creating the most memorable and intimate wedding celebrations out at sea. Super Yacht Dubai offers many different types of luxurious sea crafts to choose from accommodating anywhere between 8 and 34 guests. A wedding on a luxury yacht, Dubai is an event remembered for a life time.

Super Yacht Dubai fulfills all requirements for your special day taking care of the catering, elaborate decorations, music and we even throw in spectacular fireworks display either on the land or from the boat itself. Guest will be additionally delighted when they are picked up in a limousine. It is an experience not just for the couple, but also for everyone attending. Renting a Yacht in Dubai, for your special day has never been simpler.
A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Our priority for any event on board our yacht is safety. Everybody visitor will have a designated life jacket complying with the UAE coast guard regulation. Our staff is well trained on safety and precaution, while the vessels are maintained to the highest standards of safety and security. We take care of the hidden concern of safety completely, while you and your loved ones celebrate your wedding in style.
The menu options is a 5 star catering service offering a huge selection of canapés and hors d’oeuvres, or different cuisines served as an elegant buffet. The couple can decide on a custom menu and Super Yacht Dubai will source the best caterers for exotic cuisines of French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Oriental origins, to name a few or a combination of all or some. A small guest list, will mean, the couple can select an extravagant line up of food and wine, which will tantalize the taste buds of all guests in attendance of this special day.

A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Decorations depending on the model of Yacht or catamaran you select, Super Yacht Dubai offers decorations and lighting running across the sail of the boat and can be seen for miles on the land and sea. We work with your ideas and whether you require an elegant ambiance or bright display of lighting and decoration, Super Yacht Dubai will go the extra mile to comply with your requirements.
Entertainment and Music are two important elements for any wedding, and your wedding onboard a yacht will be no different if not amazing. Music will be organized to make your wedding just that extra special.
There are many Yacht and Catamarans to choose from depending on the number of guests invited.
34 Onboard Guests – The Voyage 450 DC a 45 foot sailing catamaran for AED 2500 per hour is perfect for a small registration or wedding reception of close friends and family.
8 onboard guests – Baja, a 42 foot motor boat accommodates a party of 8 onboard for AED 1500, suitable for wedding retinue get-away after the main wedding or private registration with family.
22 onboard guests – Aicon 72 an elongated 76 foot Yacht offering the comforts and amenities of a suite on the sea for AED 2,200 per hour.
15 onboard guests – Azimut a 52 feet long yacht with the capacity to accommodate your guests for AED 1,250 Per Hour.
A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

7 onboard Guests – For this very small private affair, the Atomic 7500 Sports Yacht is most suitable at AED 600 per hour.

Celebrating your special day with us on a Yacht or catamaran in Dubai could be a continuation or a preliminary celebration of your special day. If you would like celebrate your wedding with a difference then talk to us at Super Yacht Dubai about your dream wedding of sailing the seas at sunset...

Monday, 9 May 2016

Marine Adventure Dubai

Super Yacht Dubai is a company whose business it is to provide you with luxury yacht hires, Dubai. We are a company that organizes dream yacht wedding and purely spectacular birthday celebrations, which our lucky clients are still trying to forget. Super Yacht Dubai’s most extravagant luxury yacht fleet includes catamarans, Dubai, small boats for hire, speed and motor boats, cruise yachts, and party yachts that are available for hire at competitive rates.
Luxury Yacht Fleet

We have had the privilege of being including the in the planning, and execution of elaborate celebrations on board our luxury yachts. Working with our client’s to bring to life out-of-the-box ideas, has been truly satisfying that we are excited to do more. Super Yacht Dubai is a team of expert party organizers, creative thinkers and “anything is possible” kind of people, that clients who have worked with us before for corporate functions, private celebrations, intimate and elegant weddings, special birthdays and private sea excursions, have vouched to do it all again, because the experience is just not one you can enjoy only once. We luxury yachts Dubai , sailing around Dubai, yacht hires, dream yacht wedding, cruise yachts, party yachts work with you to bring your ideas to life on-board our luxury yachts.
We take care of everything from start to finish, and for very special occasions will even send a limousine to pick you and your guests up.  Super Yacht is a firm dedicated to organizing special events, which means we listen to your requirements from cakes, to music and entertainment, decoration, activities and food and make it all possible.
Anything is possible in Dubai, so why not a yacht cruise for an afternoon, or turn things upside down, and surprise your guests with a special venue that will leave everybody excited and no one returning their invite? After all who would want to pass on a party of a lifetime?

The routes we take show you the world famous monuments of Dubai, the World Islands, Palm Islands, the amazing hotels and skyline, the private beaches, and on the way, you can swim, discover corals, and marine life, and may be even catch your next meal on-board our yachts.
We have an ever expanding fleet of luxury yachts Dubai and catamarans that provide our guests with luxury, the comforts of home and hotels, and the highest standards in marine safety. Our current fleet boasts of fifteen sturdy boats for hire. The luxury yachts Dubai are new and come built with so many features and high-end entertainment systems, comfortable lodging, plenty of space to relax and more. Everyone on board is designated a life vest, and all safety arrangements are made prior to departure from the dock.
The best thing about sailing around Dubai is that the seas are very calm and is almost a haven for sea enthusiasts, The UAE shoreline is has low currents, are the beaches are gentle, just right for a little mid sea exploration or adventure sports like water sports, swimming, and diving.

Cruising Sights in Dubai

Cruising Sights in Dubai

Dubai is the world’s fastest growing global landmark that offers thrill seekers amazing sights and sounds  that are nothing short of astonishing. There is no comparison to exploring Dubai by sea. Super Yachts Dubai has made this possible for many of our clients for so many years and does so with style and elegance.
Dubai, as a city offers tourists more must-see landmarks on its seas than on land.
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • The World Islands
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeirah
Cruising Sights in DubaiBurj Al Arab – the world’s 4th tallest hotel shaped like the sail of a ship, set the benchmark in architectural brilliance and luxury, the Burj Al – Arab leaves sight seekers in awe, when circled.
Atlantis Hotel – The first and most significant hotel built on the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeira is a marvel landmark on the gulf sea.
Palm Islands – The palm islands are an artificial archipelago created on reclaimed land in Jumeira Dubai is a visual marvel from the sea and even more spectacular from the air.
Dubai Marina – an artificial canal city is a district in Dubai that boasts of many high buildings and hotels that spans across three kms on the shoreline of the Persian Gulf.

World Islands – A global landmark on the Persian Gulf designed in a rough shape of the world continents is open for exploration of tourists and sight seekers. Explore Dubai World Islands in under an hour.
Cruising Sights in DubaiBurj Khalifa – a modern day construction marvel is the tallest building in the world standing at a height of 829 meters. Viewing it from the seas below cannot be explained, and only experienced.
These are some of the sights that our customers enjoy when they book a package with Super Yacht Dubai. Whether it is for a celebration of a life changing moment or the simple need to excitement and thrill, Super Yacht Dubai caters to your every desire.

The Yachts Dubai are fully functional in meeting the requirements for corporate outings as well as social engagements where the focus is enjoyment!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Super Yacht Dubai

Sailing the seas is something we all dream about and is the height of luxurious living. Super Yacht Dubai makes this possible right by your front door on the Persian Gulf. The company boasts of four yachts and a catamaran to choose from, making boat rental easy and convenient. With different packages available, depending on the preferred duration of your expedition, the number of passengers, and the occasion, Super Yacht Dubai is able to customize your marine experience. We have well trained and highly qualified crewmen, and comply with the UAE Coast Guard Regulations; while keeping up with the lastest in safety and marine navigational equipment.

Our largest Yacht the Aicon- 72 comprises of 4 cabins, sleeping 8 guests comfortably overnight and entertains a total of 22 guests for the day. The Yacht is lined with luxurious linen and wooden flooring to give our passengers a true sense of the comfort and tranquility of home. Snack and refeshments are provided and should you require a BBQ or a mini meal buffet, this will be accomodated at an additional cost. The Yacht encourages plenty of socializing and relaxing under the sun, providing ample space for both activities. Special requirements for functions and parties will be organized at your requests. The Aicon -72 is suitable for small corparate events or even a celebratory cruise of a wedding party.

The Azimot-52 , more compact than the Aicon-72, is ideal for a fishing trip along the arab coast and sleeps 6 in 3 cabins for over night cruises and can handle a total number of 15 guests for the day, perfect way to sight see the Persian Gulf.

The Super Yacht Dubai also has in its fleet, a Catamaran, The Voyage 450DC for professional sailing across the landmark beaches and Dubai’s iconic man-made Islands. You may even catch a glimpse of some of the world famous celebrities that live and sail the seas in and around Dubai. A length of 14.5 meters, The Voyage 450 DC has a mast of 18.9 meters, high enough for an adrenaline filled sailing adventure.

The Atomix 7500 sports is good for a day out on the seas with 7 of your friends or family. This Yatch is perfect for an early morning fishing trip with your collauges or business partners.

The Beja 42 is excellent for a sunset romantic outting on the arabian shoreline to leave you breathless. Compact, yet luxuriously decorated to suit even the most expensives tastes. The Beja 42 comes equipped with all the modern convenience of technology packed into the thrill for speed.

Sailing on Yachts Dubai is now easliy accessible and a great way to spend your time off. Whether you yearn to see the lights twinkling from the skyscrapers at night, while watching the reflection of the moon on the waters, or rising to the sun in the east, Super Yacht Dubai can make it all happen. With our luxury fleet, renowned safety, advanced technology, and well trained crew and staff, we strive to make the holiday of your dreams a reality by the sea.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Yacht in Dubai

Super Yacht Dubai takes you on a tour of the Persian Gulf in and around Dubai. The Persian Gulf, rich in history and wild life, this body of water in between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula offers tourists much to see and experience. With hundreds of species of birds and marine life, a tour of the Persian Gulf on a catamaran or yacht in Dubai is a splendid way to spend your well-deserved break from work.
Yacht in Dubai

Globally and historically known as the Persian Gulf, it does have some controversy surrounding its name. Sometimes referred to the Arabian Gulf and other times The Gulf by the Arab states, of these two titles, neither is internationally recognized. The International Hydrographic organization has termed it The Gulf of Iran or the Persian Gulf, keeping in line with historical references.

The Persian Gulf; saturated in coral reefs with an abundance of fish and pearl oysters, tourists are left captivated by this underwater ecology system. However, in recent times the eco system has been facing danger from heavy industrial hazards, especially oil spills from containers travelling to and from the region. This stretch of seabed has seen better days before the world demand for petroleum began.

The surface area of the Gulf stretches across 251, 000 square kilometers separated from the Gulf of Oman by the Strait of Hormuz in the east. The major river delta of the Shatt al-Arab marks the west end, which stretches to a length of 989 kilometers. The width varies anywhere between 55 km to 340 km. The area of ocean is comparatively shallow to the other oceans of world and does not go beyond the depth of 90 meters.
Yacht in Dubai

The Gulf of Iran, almost a landlocked sea if not for the neighboring Strait of Hormuz, is surrounded by oil rich gulf nations, clockwise from the east, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE.
The Persian Gulf is the world’s main largest crude oil reserve, and therefore petroleum related industries operate primarily from this region.

Aside from being rich in crude oil and gas, this body of water is also home to almost 700 species of fish, and the main attraction for our clients on the Dubai yacht’s are the sea cows or Dugongs. The gulf is the second largest habitat for sea cows who are more like land mammals than whales and dolphins are, as they graze the seabed for seaweed and oceanic plant life.

Bird watchers too, are pleasantly surprised with the number of unique birds seen while sailing the shores of the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah area. The region attracts many species of migratory birds looking for warmer sunnier weather. One specific bird, which is a sub-species of the kingfisher family Kalbaensis, passes through this unique eco system.
Yacht in Dubai

Dolphins too, are seen loitering the shores delighting and surprising our clients sailing the seas with us. Super Yacht Dubai, along with its specialized team of marine navigators and entertainment specialists, who call the Gulf of Iran home, are always out to ensure your experience with us is out of the ordinary.....

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Birthday Celebration on a Yacht

Super Yacht offers comfortable and luxurious yachts for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and romantic getaways. Super Yacht is able to work with your requirement for luxury marine adventures out on the Persian Gulf, ensuring safety standards that comply with UAE coast guard regulations.
Birthday Celebration on a YachtIf you are looking for out-of-the-box ideas to celebrate that special day with friends and family, Super Yacht provides you with a wide selection of luxury yachts to choose from, that will meet you and your guest’s needs.
Super Yacht offers the complete marine birthday experience by providing Yacht décor, refreshments, entertainment and will have your guests picked up in a limousine. Additionally, your guests will be able to try their hand at fishing too, while they soak in the sun or enjoy the night sky of Dubai.
Birthday Celebration on a YachtSafety is of paramount importance to us, and our team of enthusiastic marine personnel are certified in marine safety. Super Yacht boasts of a large fleet of yachts and catamarans built to the highest standards of safety.
Your birthday on a Yacht can be an elegant sit down dinner for 8 people or a casual party of 34 guests. Super Yacht organizes special menus and buffets comprising of an elegant meal or a buffet of canapés and refreshments. All cutlery and utensil requirements is taken care of by our team of specialist party organizers.

Light décor of balloons, confetti, ceiling garlands, lanterns and banners can be arranged as per your requirements and suggestions to set the right ambiance for your birthday celebration on a yacht. Lighting is also possible for an extravagant affair. Your favourite party music CDs will be played to get your guests onto the dance floor.

No birthday is complete without a birthday cake, talk to our team about the cake design you have in mind, and arrangements will be made to have the cake on board before we leave the dock. You are able to bring your own cake if you so desire.
Talk to Super Yacht Dubai today to plan your birthday out at sea.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Chartering a Yacht Dubai

Chartering a Yacht is more than just a private getaway with friends and family. Hiring a yacht for corporate events, product launches, client outings, and to reward employees, provides the right atmosphere and energy for a successful gathering.
Chartering a yacht for business events and occasions far exceeds the expectations of your clients and employees who will feel a sense of freedom and exploration with willingness to take part. Yacht charters have seen many successful gatherings of decision makers and business guru’s create and develop ideas, returning to the work place with determination towards a goal.
Chartering a Yacht Dubai

Many of our clients have written back with the highest satisfaction achieved on corporate charters. Sailing Yachts on the Middle Eastern coast with your team brings out enthusiastic attention in working together for a common desire.

Corporate charters are different and customized to suit the occasion and purpose of the meeting or gathering. Super Yacht Dubai, takes care of all the preparation requirements for your special event onboard our yachts, ensuring safety, entertainment and refreshments, are to your requirements. Whether you are taking a few clients out, rewarding a team, or you would like to see your team come together, the many deals and packages on offer with Super Yacht Dubai, will allow you the freedom and choice to plan the perfect day out at sea.
Chartering a Yacht Dubai

Super Yacht Dubai organizes the catering requirements for your event, and whether your event requires an elegant sit down dinner for a small party, or light snacking throughout, our team will work with your requirements to present the perfect menu to you.
Our largest sailing catamaran accommodates 34 guests comfortably, with 4 well trained crew members who take care of all the technical and logistical processes, while all your onboard guests, will worry only about business and having fun.

Corporate events held on board a yacht, will sail pass the Dubai shoreline, passing Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina, Palm Islands, and many more world famous Dubai landmarks, which will leave your guests in awe.
Chartering a yacht as a venue for your business meetings and corporate outings is not your everyday incentive or nor is it what most members of your team will expect. Take your clients on a journey filled with sun, sea, adventure and results, and return back to port, with everybody feeling rejuvenated, and ready to take on the corporate world.

Super Yacht Dubai is yacht chartering company UAE, with a fleet of catamarans and small and large luxury yachts suitable for every occasion. We are able to customize a package that suits your requirements based on the number of guests and the occasion. Talk to us about your ideas and requirements for corporate yacht charter and we will work with you to ensure that your official event sails smoothly across the Dubai coast.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Super Yacht Dubai is company that has been in the yacht renting business for many years and we have had the privilege of sailing the Arabian Gulf with corporate groups, individuals, and couples who were looking for a special place to spend some quality time together.
Perhaps you have been recently married, or would like to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary and would like to experience something different together, a yacht charter would be ideal for that special occasion.

Super Yacht takes care of all requirements for your cruise along the shores of Dubai. One of the most important and special voyages together would be a honeymoon. Our luxury yachts, compact and cosy sets the right ambiance for that special time together. Swim in the ocean, catch some fish, and enjoy a cosy romantic candle lit dinner, all taken care of by the attentive onboard crew. You will be pampered beyond your expectations and will be given the privacy that you require. We handle everything from food, to music, to lighting, and we will take care of the cake too.
Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Cruise the shoreline of Dubai, see the lights, take in the sunset, all while you enjoy some of the best foods and wine with your wife. Super Yacht Dubai will ensure your luxury yacht cruise is nothing less than spectacular.

Our luxury fleet of yachts are chosen for the safety and comfort they provide our guests and depending on your requirements, you may choose to have a day cruise or an overnight sail. We have two yachts for overnight cruises, that sleeps up to eight individuals in spacious cabins. For day cruises, we offer a selection of catamarans and yachts, for you to select from. These yachts and catamarans provide plenty of space for sun bathing as well as relaxing in the shade.
Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Our two largest yachts Aicon 72 and the Azimut 52 are designed to sleep eight and six overnight guests in luxury and comfort. These yachts have separate cabins that sleep two persons each. Our crew will attend to all your needs and we will work with you to have a special menu created just for this special occasion.
Whether you are looking for some time alone for your honeymoon or anniversary or you would like to take the family out together to experience closeness and togetherness, a super luxury yacht would make the perfect setting to meet these desires.

Talk to the all attentive team at Super Yacht Dubai today to make your booking for a luxury yacht charter along the shores of Dubai. Experience peace, and tranquility, see Dubai from a different view, sail through the Palm Islands, circle the Burj al Arab, and explore The World Islands all in a day with that special someone.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fishing In Yachts Dubai

“If people, concentrated more on the important things in life, there be a shortage of fishing poles” – Doug Larson. Super Yacht Dubai a company involved in yacht charter and fishing expeditions on the Arabian Gulf with five high-end yachts and catamarans in its fleet. Our yachts are great to gather your friends for that perfect fishing weekend getaway you’ve always wanted.
Fishing as a hobby can be a relaxing way to spend the weekend with friends and family, and especially great for male bonding. Super yacht is able to organize a day trip for fifteen or overnight fishing trip for eight people.
A day trip on one of the catamarans is exciting and is sure to be filled with adrenalin: a sporting activity turns boys into men. Sailing the seas, directing the sails and catching some fish over a few drinks and snacks have left our customers wanting more. Super Yacht plans day trips to begin early morning so our sailors can catch the first rays of the sun. We allow time for our guests to acclimatize themselves to the sea unwinding from the weeks stresses while we sail the yacht far into the deep ocean where fish are in abundance. If you or your mates would like to try their hand at sailing, our team of qualified seaman will be delighted to show you the ropes in sailing a catamaran by yourself.
Fishing In Yachts Dubai
Fishing In Yachts Dubai

Food is a must have, however while sailing the ocean, it is best kept to light snacking and finger food. Super Yacht Dubai plans your day fishing trip as per your needs and we are able to organize refreshments throughout the day for you and your mates. All on board guests are treated like royalty and we provide the highest standard in UAE coast guard safety and ensure the weather is perfect for sailing and catching fish.
Overnight yachting trips gives you the whole day to rest and unwind, get some shuteye and catch fish with the rising sun. We have two large super luxury yachts in our fleet to pick from that sleeps six and eight of your friends with ease. Our luxury fishing trips are popular as we provide all the gear needed for the sport.
Fishing In Yachts Dubai

Fishing for some people, means getting away from people, places, work, and even family and responsibility and for others it is way to look for stress, endure rough seas and large waves. Sailing yachts Dubai is both fun and exciting and with the right group of friends, whether is to bond, or a corporate paid incentive for hard work, chartering a yacht in Dubai through Super Yacht is deemed to be nothing less than an amazing experience. Call our hotline today, to book your weekend aboard our super luxury yachts and be in for pleasantries and adventure.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Dubai Yacht Charters

Super Yacht has had the privilege of taking many excitable guests out to sea to experience the world from a different perspective. Hundreds of Super Yacht customers have spent treasured moments watching the sun set, enjoying the Dubai skyline, and celebrating life’s special moments and victories, on board our luxury Dubai yachts. Many guests like to return repeatedly to spend time fishing off the coast of UAE.

Fishing is more than a hobby; it is in fact a great way to release stress while discovering the world’s oceans. Many studies have shown that people who enjoy fishing are better focused in life and present themselves as being relaxed and well composed when dealing with stressful situations. is a peaceful, sometimes considered a sport and sometimes-therapeutic allowing people to sit quietly while waiting for a kingfish to bite on the bait. Super Yacht provides all the necessary fishing gear required for a day or overnight expedition out to sea.

A fishing trip could mean a party of two or a group of individuals who are looking for a get-away from the hustle and bustle of every day city life. The Dubai seas are calm all year around, protected by landmasses all across. This also creates a sanctuary for various species of edible and non-edible fish and other marine life. The Arabian Gulf is crowded with high reefs and coral gardens.

The Arabian Gulf is home to numerous protected species of coral that is part of a unique eco system of marine life. Many of the fish caught can be taken back home, which our customers are always thrilled about. From the Ehrenberg snapper, the pink eye emperor to long tail tuna, the orange spotted travelly, kingfishers, mackerel and many more species that you would otherwise find frozen in a supermarket. Yacht, Dubai yacht charters also includes gear for snorkelling and scuba diving on board the yachts you select. With a captain and crew who will handle and take care of your navigation and safety, as a guest you will have little or nothing to worry about. Our luxury yacht charters require you to travel light, and we provide guests with towels, gear, soft drinks, and snacks. You can go ahead and make the cruise even more memorable by including your favourite dishes from our special menus of canapés, and light snacks or you may go grand and choose entire cuisines.

Whether your interests lie in spear fishing, or prefer to immerse yourself in with the surrounding marine life, Super Yacht is the company that you need to talk to. Nothing exceeds sitting patiently, listening to the radio, and catching up on life, on board Super Yacht’s numerous luxury yachts and catamarans. The yachts in our fleet provide you the space, luxury, comforts, and gear that you need to go on that forever postponed fishing trip. Our well-trained and passionate captain and crew will make sure your needs are met, while you fish.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Bachelor Party In Yachts Dubai

Super Yacht, offers yacht charters for special events like birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, and bachelor parties out at sea. A bachelor party should be a memorable occasion, and what’s a better than to charter a yacht in Dubai, and take your mates out to sea for an adventure of a lifetime.
Bachelor Party In Yachts Dubai 
The best yacht for a bachelor party would be the voyage 45 DC, a sailing catamaran. This vessel offers excitement and activity to an ordinary bachelor party. You and your mates can try your hand at sailing the seas, or sit back and relax while our captain and crew take care of it.

Other popular vessels for bachelor parties would be the Azimut 52, and the Aicon 72, both large and spacious with lower and upper viewing decks. The yachts, provide plenty of seating space and sleeps as many as 8 guests. The yachts are perfectly designed to cater to bachelor parties with as many as 22 guests during the day.
For smaller groups, we have the Beja 42 and the Atomix 7500 sports. These two yachts can hold a maximum of eight guests in total. The yachts are compact, but meet the highest standards in luxury and services. Chartering these types of yachts would be best for a few hours out at sea.

Bachelor Party In Yachts DubaiSuper Yacht is ever willing to work with your out-of-the-box ideas for a bachelor party on board our luxury yachts Dubai. All yacht charters require a good supply of food and drink and we cater to all kinds of refreshment plans. We can arrange for guests to be served short snacks throughout the cruise or enjoy a three course meal or a light buffet. With sufficient time, we intend to exceed your expectations.

Your bachelor party does not have to be centred around the yacht. We provide the equipment and the knowledge you need to fish off the coast of Dubai. All you will need is patience while you wait for the fish to grab on; which really doesn’t take that long. Our guests are also able to enjoy water sports and other physical endurance activities when you book a yacht adventure with Super Yacht Dubai. On prior notice we will organize a photographer and videographer to make sure not a moment of the madness is missed. You and your mates can start the party long before you step foot on the yacht, as Super Yacht will send a limousine to pick you up and drive you in comfort to the dock.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for our on board our yacht charters. We would love to hear your crazy ideas for a day out at sea. Ocean touring, does not have to be dull, boring, and hot; our yacht charters are anything but ordinary. If you have a taste for luxury and over the top idea to celebrate your last and final day as a bachelor, talk to us at Super Yacht Dubai and we will work with you to make it happen.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Luxury Yachts Dubai

So we’ve all travelled the globe on planes and we know how difficult it actually is to travel with children through airports, getting to and from the destination hotel, packing and unpacking and in the end never really having any time to relax. Have you ever thought of taking a family vacation out at sea? Super Yacht Dubai are your private and convenient vacation consultants who take care of everything, including getting you and your family onto one of our luxury yachts Dubai.
Luxury Yachts Dubai
If you have young children then you know keeping them occupied whilst on a holiday is difficult. They constantly need stimulation and want to be taken places so they can see and experiences as much of the city as possible. A yacht adventure is filled with stimulation while children get to explore the deep blue sea and all it offers. They will be occupied learning about the various types of marine life floating underneath, while catching fish and even helping the captain and crew with navigating the boat in the middle of the ocean.
Luxury Yachts Dubai
Sounds exciting doesn’t it? In addition to meeting the demands for excitement, Super Yacht also arranges to have all your favourite snacks and foods on boat. We cater for large corporate functions and private parties and make available an array of Hors d’oeuvre and cocktail finger foods for your kids to enjoy. Our team of vacation consultants will work with you to bring your preferences on board and serve it to your in a timely fashion ensuring your children are happy throughout their time aboard our yachts.
You can choose to go on day’s trip exploring the ocean and the seas of Dubai, or extend your yacht cruise Dubai to an overnight adventure. Our yachts are designed to sleep up to a maximum of eight onboard guests. We provide the comforts of a luxury hotel with the addition of your own servers and crew who will look after your family.
Our safety standards are maintained to the highest standards of UAE marine regulations and ensure all onboard passengers small and big have designated life jackets. The good news is the Dubai seas are generally calm throughout the year and never have rough waves. The area is great for swimming and snorkelling.
Luxury Yachts Dubai
Super Yacht is a highly professional yacht chartering firm that takes your vacation needs seriously. Our well trained and highly friendly captain and crew are ever ready to show you the ropes to sailing, and make your trip the most memorable one yet.
The convenience of packing light, having a limousine pick you and your family up from the steps of your front door, and whisking you away to the jetty where our fleet of yachts are stationed, and then experiencing Dubai from the seas, is what Super Yacht is all about. We strive to make your sea adventure for you and your family an exciting one. Call us now and book your very own exclusive yachts Dubai today for a vacation with ease...

Friday, 15 April 2016

Dubai Luxury Yachts

Sail your way to health would be a novel idea and with Super Yacht, Dubai luxury yachts renting company, you can do just that. Have you wondered about your health and then pondered on the idea of a vacation, but with the heavy demand of your work and family life, taking some time off to get fit and have some R and R seems farfetched. Sailing as an activity or hobby is scientifically proven to improve your health and stamina, while relaxing your mind, body, and soul.
Dubai Luxury Yachts
Super Yacht customers are privileged to enjoy the warm breeze of the seas while having an exhilarating adventure off the coast of Dubai. You can select from our fleet of catamarans and yachts that will give you the kind of time off you were looking for. Hiring a yacht is more than just a fun thing to do; Its action packed, increases your stamina, and gets all your muscles working.
Sailing reduces stress dramatically, allowing you to leave your worries and stressful thoughts behind when you pull away from the dock. It takes you to a completely different world literally, with a change of environment and atmosphere. All of our clients whether corporate yacht hires or ocean enthusiasts get off the boat feeling completely rejuvenated.
 Renting a catamaran in Dubai builds stamina and endurance. Our team of highly experienced crew will do most of the work, but you are welcome to help and pump up that heart. Fighting the strong winds to hoist the main sail or pull on the ropes to change direction are fun ways to get fit. Many different studies that have replicated the actions in a lab have shown that all major muscles in the arms, torso, and legs move into action while sailing.
Dubai Luxury Yachts
Sailing out into the ocean, especially around the coastline of Dubai, provides many safe and secluded areas of sea where you can swim and dive deep into the ocean exploring the great unknown. Swimming and diving reduces the stress on your body by decreasing your weight to just 10%. This means that your body is able to exercise, building muscle, and stamina with a fraction of the tension that you would normally experience at a gym.
Sailing is a relaxing sport that is tailored to your requirements. Super Yacht team will custom create a package for you, encompassing swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, water sports or tone it down to give you some well deserved RnR.
Dubai Luxury Yachts
You may like the idea of catching some fish, enjoying a light buffet, and sun bathing, or prefer to just sit back and relax while exploring the hundreds of man made marvels like the World Islands and the Palm Islands. If you are looking for an exhilarating workout or to just relax and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, talk to us about planning your next weekend on a Yacht.....

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Luxury Yacht Cruises – Another Tantalizing Excuse To Plan Dubai Holidays

There are not many places on the face of the Earth that inebriate with a heady cocktail of magic and mystique in a fashion as Dubai does. This golden emirate unfolds itself as a treasure trove of cultural gems, a pot boiler of diverse cultures, a maze of contemporary marvels and a mesmeric alchemy of the sea and the sand. And opting for yacht rental in Dubai is perhaps the most inviting way to get high on the hypnotic mystique of emirate’s myriad charms. Super Yacht Dubai is the one-stop shop for luxury seekers who are looking for yacht charter in Dubai, without adding to their holiday blues.
Sightseeing & Day outs
Sightseeing & Day outs:
Unquestionably, luxury seekers making reservations for flights and hotels for the first time would do themselves a favor by opting for yacht charter in Dubai. These cruises along the Persian Gulf coast allow visitors to explore the heart and soul of the popular holiday destination that never fails to impress with its seamless blend of the deeply steeped Bedouin heritage and the extremes of innovation and opulence.
With Super Yacht Dubai, the sybarites on holidays to the city are surely saved the trouble of traveling from one sightseeing spot to another as a peaceful cruise along the azure waters. Some of the popular attractions that one may explore aboard such cruises include some of the emirate’s most iconic landmarks, pristine beaches and islands such as Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, The World Islands, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina Lagoon, Hamdan Island, etc.

Meetings & EventsMeetings & Events:
But it’s not just sightseers who opt for yacht rental in Dubai, a large number of corporate jetsetters and business souls from across the globe choose to conduct their product launches, meetings and seminars aboard yachts in Dubai. Super Yacht Dubai offers a number of conference and banqueting facilities and packages, for business engagements. The company is one firm that offers bespoke packages for business events aboard yachts. The firm ensures everything from conceptualization to production and from podium presentations to surround sound in order to ensure a relatively hassle-free and impressive business event for you.
Parties & Celebration
Parties & Celebration:
Interested souls who are frantically looking for luxury yacht rentals in Dubai to celebrate their anniversary, wedding, or other special events would be heartened to know that Super Yacht Dubai offers all that you seek. Of course, the elaborations and the scale would differ. Be it a girls’ night out, all boys’ party, bachelor party, wedding reception, birthday celebrations or just a romantic day out, opt to cruise with Super Yacht Dubai and let us make your day special while you prepare your list of things to do on your special day.

Why book with Super Yacht Dubai
All vessels operated by Super Yacht Dubai are well equipped with a slew of safety tools and features.
Most yachts operated by Super Yacht Dubai have a resident doctor who can attend to guests in case of any medical emergencies.
Super Yacht Dubai offers bespoke solutions to give shape to every guest’s unique holiday’s ideas, that too at competitive prices.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai

Rent a Yacht in Dubai for a fun filled weekend with your family, friends or colleagues. Super Yacht Dubai is a yacht company with a large number of yachts for hire in Dubai.  We have special packages available to suit any occasion or requirement for private day cruises, corporate functions, or adventure seekers. Our Dubai yachts are top notch, with the smallest yacht accommodating a minimum of six passengers and the largest yacht in Dubai accommodating about fifty passengers on a day cruise.
Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai
Call us with your requirements and we will plan your Yacht Rental Dubai package for you, and organize everything that you would need to make your yacht cruise all the more memorable.
A family weekend adventure on any one of our yachts is truly an experience that will leave the smallest member of your family excited and the oldest relaxed. A private family cruise along the coastal waters of Dubai is an experience unmatched by another weekend itinerary that you could think of. The team at Super Yacht Dubai works hard to bring together all the elements for a comfortable and safe cruise for you and your family.
Before you depart from the dock, we will make arrangements to have your favorite food ordered and prepared, which will be on board in time for the cruise. We have special menus designed to offer you plenty of choice in snacks and main meals. You have the choice to choose light snacking or finger food or an elaborate mix of Hors d'oeuvre to keep you filled during the entire length of the cruise. You will have plenty of refreshments and water. Our full day and half day cruises will include lunch or dinner served on board or on a private beach on one of the magnificent man made locations that surrounds the city of Dubai.
Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai
Depending on the duration of your sea adventure and the time of your cruise, we advice to pack light. You will need something to swim in, a change of clothes and do not forget your sunscreen. All our boats are fitted with a fully functional bathroom, and our larger boats have extravagant showers and luxury suites.
When you and your family board the super luxury yacht, the designated crew will show you around and give you a safety briefing as required by UAE Coast Guard regulations. Every passenger will have a designated life jacket and be shown the assembly point in case of emergency. This is only a requirement, as the seas around Dubai are always calm, and the weather has always been favorable throughout the year.
Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai
Once you board and get comfortable, you will have access to other activities like swimming, fishing, or you can relax on the deck soaking up some rays. You will have access to unlimited refreshments, and if you choose a long range yacht, you will have access to all the comforts of a great hotel.
Yacht Hire Dubai is made easy through Super Yacht; call us today and be on your way to an ocean adventure.....