Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dubai Ocean Cruise

Dubai is known for its luxury life styles, high rollers and glamorous showcase of living standards that almost anybody living here will know and experience the high life. Super Yacht aims to give Dubai residents a taste of the high life. Our super luxury yachts for rent in Dubai, are available for day & night cruises, and special occasions.
luxury yachts for rent in Dubai
Super Yacht has a fleet of 15 Yachts and counting. Our ever expanding fleet of Dubai motor boats, catamarans, and small, medium & large yachts are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s for a dinner for two sailing the UAE shoreline, or for a group sea excursion, or a yacht wedding, our crew and staff are happy to assist you in the planning and execution of your dream weekend marine adventure.
We have various packages available for you to choose from, and regardless of how big or small your party is, we will make arrangements for transportation, music, food, extra- activities like water sports and even provide you with the equipment you need to fishing.
luxury yachts for rent in Dubai
Our yachts range from super luxury yachts to simple catamarans that are built for thrill seekers. Our company makes yachting easy. You can rent a yacht to suit your requirements, choose the food, pick the entertainment, select from a range of fun activities like water sports, snorkelling, diving, swimming, or fishing, and we will make everything happen before you set out on your cruise.
You are spoiled for choice with Super Yachts large fleet of yachts. Our most popular trilling rentals are the smaller motor boats which provides the thrill of speed over the waves as well as the comforts of home. Our largest vessel; the moon 117 is fit for a day or night party of 55 guests in total. Our yachts offer great flexibility in the number of persons you wish to take on the cruise with you.
luxury yachts for rent in Dubai
Sea sickness is something that many experience, and for this reason, to offer a smoother ride over the ocean waves, the larger the boat the more grounded you will feel. The Moon 117, gulf craft 75, and Gulf Craft 55 holding 55, 36 and 17 people respectively are cruise yachts with square bases, meaning that the yacht will wobble less than others with a narrow hull.
 The oceans of Dubai are welcoming to those novice sailors, nestled between land on all but one side, it reduces the intensity of the waves that would otherwise be present in the open ocean. The calm seas, music, food, and attentive staff will make your yacht weekend a spectacular affair. All you need to bring is yourself and your group of yacht enthusiasts and we will take care of the rest....

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