Friday, 8 April 2016

Dubai Ocean Cruise

Dubai is where one will find the largest ships, the biggest planes, the most luxurious cars and limousines and Dubai is also the port city that is home to the most luxurious Yachts this world has ever seen. Super Yacht, is the city’s leading yacht rental company, planning special cruises for corporate functions, private day and sunset cruises, or shared public cruises, all in the comfort of elegant grand yachts and cruise vessels owned by Super Yacht.
Our fleet of cruise vessels keeps growing, with most of yachts purchased from Europe, our super swank, epic boats are fit for a king’s journey into the ocean. Our marine cruises Dubai are nothing short of being completely spectacular as we continuously aim to expand our fleet, and improve our services towards all our Leisure Cruise guests.
yachts rental dubai
Super Yacht Dubai is proud to boast of a yacht fleet of fifteen luxury vessels accommodating over-the-top requests for comfort, entertainment, and enjoyment. From super large yachts like the Benetti 35, Majesty 88, and Durreti 85 or the PURSUIT 2830, welcoming guests of up to 50, or the smaller boats that accommodate a reduced number of guests intimately for a personal cruise with family or friends, it’s hard to look away from the packages we have on offer for a fabulous weekend of fun and excitement.
You can boat rent Dubai with us for any length sea cruise Dubai, whether it’s a full day cruise or for a couple of hours. Our full day cruises include refreshments and snacks, attentive staff to cater to all your needs, a tour plan around the coastal waters of Dubai, and an itinerary that will excite the oldest member of your family and keep the youngest quite occupied during the excursion.
 As a company dedicated to planning your leisure Dubai trips, we also undertake special events on board any of our yachts.  We offer a variety packages to include cruise time, food and refreshments, and adventure activities like water sports and fishing; fun things that you can pick to suit the requirements of your cruise guests.
The UAE ocean is the best place to begin your love for Yacht Rental Dubai, where the seas are calm, offering plenty of action and some of the most beautiful coral gardens underneath that you can explore. Come and enjoy the lighter side of life, give yourself a break, and enjoy the services of the most luxurious floating hotel, take a swim, enjoy speed over the water, and go home with plenty of stories, laughter, and feeling relaxed.....

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