Monday, 3 April 2017

Super Yacht Dubai Services

Super Yacht is a dynamic and well established Yacht Charter Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We thrive to become the exclusive Yacht Charter Company of Dubai offering Comfort, Luxury, Adventure and High performance.
Have you ever considered our Exclusive cruise package with a special friend on a chartered yacht?
Whether you are considering a day out with friends and family, a romantic sunset cruise as an anniversary gift, adventure sailing, sightseeing cruise, celebrating a special day or organizing a corporate event, we will be happy to welcome you on-board for an exciting and memorable experience. It would be our pleasure to discuss out of the box ideas and to accommodate any particular details that you may have as we are committed to being innovative and delivering the best.
Indeed the long awaited canal is open to charter yachts, water sports and old-school enjoyment.
Imagine a peaceful trip sailing through the turquoise waters of the Dubai Canal where you become one with the sensational scenery, where the jaw dropping backdrop of the city’s skyline reflects off the waters and where you can gaze at the modern marvels in all its beauty.
More possible than ever is the opportunity to rent out a luxurious yacht where you, your family and friends are treated to immaculate service and shown some of the most breathtaking landmarks in all of Dubai.
Sailing choices with Super Yachts are endless, we rent our crafts complete with professional crew, you get to relax and leave the sailing hassle in the hands of professionals.
Dubai city never rests the city is constantly growing and promises are always kept no matter how big they are. The Dubai Water Canal has been long awaited and now stretches just over three kilometers from Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. Flanked by a board-walk that stretches the entire distance, overhead are two pedestrian bridges that gracefully snake from one side of the canal to the other.
As you fly on water, you get to indulgence in the services of a luxury yacht of your choice, whilst capturing memories of the joy of deep sea fishing with friends, or the romance of a sunset.
Think about a once in a lifetime memory as you get to choose your chartered yacht, size ranging from 34 all the way up to 115 feet, you become king and queen for the day. It’s affordable and it’s unforgettable just like Dubai.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

What to do with Super Yacht Dubai

About Us

We seek to bring people to a more intimate knowledge of the sea in all its magnificence. By offering world-class yacht charter in Dubai, we aim to reveal the beauty of cruising to more people. We have a large offering of yachts for chartering in Dubai, all of which are available for a wide array of occasions.

For a lasting experience from our boat cruise experience, customers can avail additional services such as catering, event decorations, photography, videography, and on-board entertainment from us. Make gatherings extra memorable with a cruising experience residents can truly enjoy.

If you want to do something fun over the weekend, you can rent a motorboat from our fleet of yachts and go on a relaxing fishing trip with your friends. Enjoy air conditioned cabins, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a kitchen area equipped with all the necessities you will need for a short fishing trip, including wine glasses!

5 Things You Will Enjoy with Us

Dubai is a land of opportunity for those who else seeking for a adventure, right now we are covering/talking about ocean adventure specially about cruising/yachting. As you know we offer special services of Yacht Booking in Dubai we are looking forward to tell what you can do with us when you wish to book our luxury yachts and cruises.

Party Celebration

No matter what kind of party coming a head you can plan it to celebrate with us, our special yachts have capacity of 40 passengers which are loaded with all facilities like, kitchen, dining room, party room, music sound system, bed rooms and much more.

Barbecue (BBQ) Party

We have special staff for these sort of parties full cooking and BBQ mechanism are installed with a trained staff or you can do it by your self if you love to cook. The safety measures are also provided with each of our luxury yacht.


Fishing trips are one of the special service among all service we are offering, it is also best activity no matter you plan with us or plan individual. The needles and fishing equipment are available or you can bring your own for special equipment you can mention during booking call.


It is most adventurous and best activity just slow down or stop your yacht on deep ocean and just dive in believe me it is one of the best activity you can do while cruising, but make sure you have to know swimming well although we have included safety measures on each yacht.

Office Meetings

There is no place more peaceful like deep on ocean just slow down your yacht there enjoy lovely food and talk with your team, believe me you can plan well with 100% concentration and dedication for taking rest you can lay down on the bow or dive in for little chill. A luxury yacht have all facilities which are available in your office meeting room except that you can also enjoy a lovely weather and views there.

Monday, 30 May 2016

6 Adventurous Things to do in Dubai

Cars in Dubai:

The another face of Dubai is a dream activity for the third world country people, like the sports and other cars for example Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and range rover. However these are ordinary car Dubai people are use to for these, when you go out for a drive there are plenty of cars like these on roads also the fuel is very cheaper in price and available everywhere for long safari desert or city drive.

Wild wadi water park:

Wild wadi water park is one of the best source of re gaining vitamin D, people are usually came here for it, but beyond this advantage there are much more things to do in park, like swimming, hoteling, staying in huts, water park and much more water fun here, also there are something more to visit Wild park as follows:
1. Floor Slide
2. View of Burj Al-Arab
3. Lazy River
4. Toilet bowl slide

Ferrari world:
Ferrari world is equally fun place for kids and elders, there are dedicated park area for kids where they can make their dreams true. The Ferrari world has several types of engines for the visitors who are offering jungle ride, water ride and high air ride. Whole park is full of fun and colorful items also the park is decorated with colorful lights.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

A wedding is the most special day of anybody’s life; it is a day when two people announce to the world their pledge to love each other for the rest of their lives. It is the beginning of a journey and this day should not be anything less than spectacular and memorable. Super Yacht Dubai specializes in creating the most memorable and intimate wedding celebrations out at sea. Super Yacht Dubai offers many different types of luxurious sea crafts to choose from accommodating anywhere between 8 and 34 guests. A wedding on a luxury yacht, Dubai is an event remembered for a life time.

Super Yacht Dubai fulfills all requirements for your special day taking care of the catering, elaborate decorations, music and we even throw in spectacular fireworks display either on the land or from the boat itself. Guest will be additionally delighted when they are picked up in a limousine. It is an experience not just for the couple, but also for everyone attending. Renting a Yacht in Dubai, for your special day has never been simpler.
A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Our priority for any event on board our yacht is safety. Everybody visitor will have a designated life jacket complying with the UAE coast guard regulation. Our staff is well trained on safety and precaution, while the vessels are maintained to the highest standards of safety and security. We take care of the hidden concern of safety completely, while you and your loved ones celebrate your wedding in style.
The menu options is a 5 star catering service offering a huge selection of canap├ęs and hors d’oeuvres, or different cuisines served as an elegant buffet. The couple can decide on a custom menu and Super Yacht Dubai will source the best caterers for exotic cuisines of French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Oriental origins, to name a few or a combination of all or some. A small guest list, will mean, the couple can select an extravagant line up of food and wine, which will tantalize the taste buds of all guests in attendance of this special day.

A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Decorations depending on the model of Yacht or catamaran you select, Super Yacht Dubai offers decorations and lighting running across the sail of the boat and can be seen for miles on the land and sea. We work with your ideas and whether you require an elegant ambiance or bright display of lighting and decoration, Super Yacht Dubai will go the extra mile to comply with your requirements.
Entertainment and Music are two important elements for any wedding, and your wedding onboard a yacht will be no different if not amazing. Music will be organized to make your wedding just that extra special.
There are many Yacht and Catamarans to choose from depending on the number of guests invited.
34 Onboard Guests – The Voyage 450 DC a 45 foot sailing catamaran for AED 2500 per hour is perfect for a small registration or wedding reception of close friends and family.
8 onboard guests – Baja, a 42 foot motor boat accommodates a party of 8 onboard for AED 1500, suitable for wedding retinue get-away after the main wedding or private registration with family.
22 onboard guests – Aicon 72 an elongated 76 foot Yacht offering the comforts and amenities of a suite on the sea for AED 2,200 per hour.
15 onboard guests – Azimut a 52 feet long yacht with the capacity to accommodate your guests for AED 1,250 Per Hour.
A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

7 onboard Guests – For this very small private affair, the Atomic 7500 Sports Yacht is most suitable at AED 600 per hour.

Celebrating your special day with us on a Yacht or catamaran in Dubai could be a continuation or a preliminary celebration of your special day. If you would like celebrate your wedding with a difference then talk to us at Super Yacht Dubai about your dream wedding of sailing the seas at sunset...

Monday, 9 May 2016

Marine Adventure Dubai

Super Yacht Dubai is a company whose business it is to provide you with luxury yacht hires, Dubai. We are a company that organizes dream yacht wedding and purely spectacular birthday celebrations, which our lucky clients are still trying to forget. Super Yacht Dubai’s most extravagant luxury yacht fleet includes catamarans, Dubai, small boats for hire, speed and motor boats, cruise yachts, and party yachts that are available for hire at competitive rates.
Luxury Yacht Fleet

We have had the privilege of being including the in the planning, and execution of elaborate celebrations on board our luxury yachts. Working with our client’s to bring to life out-of-the-box ideas, has been truly satisfying that we are excited to do more. Super Yacht Dubai is a team of expert party organizers, creative thinkers and “anything is possible” kind of people, that clients who have worked with us before for corporate functions, private celebrations, intimate and elegant weddings, special birthdays and private sea excursions, have vouched to do it all again, because the experience is just not one you can enjoy only once. We luxury yachts Dubai , sailing around Dubai, yacht hires, dream yacht wedding, cruise yachts, party yachts work with you to bring your ideas to life on-board our luxury yachts.
We take care of everything from start to finish, and for very special occasions will even send a limousine to pick you and your guests up.  Super Yacht is a firm dedicated to organizing special events, which means we listen to your requirements from cakes, to music and entertainment, decoration, activities and food and make it all possible.
Anything is possible in Dubai, so why not a yacht cruise for an afternoon, or turn things upside down, and surprise your guests with a special venue that will leave everybody excited and no one returning their invite? After all who would want to pass on a party of a lifetime?

The routes we take show you the world famous monuments of Dubai, the World Islands, Palm Islands, the amazing hotels and skyline, the private beaches, and on the way, you can swim, discover corals, and marine life, and may be even catch your next meal on-board our yachts.
We have an ever expanding fleet of luxury yachts Dubai and catamarans that provide our guests with luxury, the comforts of home and hotels, and the highest standards in marine safety. Our current fleet boasts of fifteen sturdy boats for hire. The luxury yachts Dubai are new and come built with so many features and high-end entertainment systems, comfortable lodging, plenty of space to relax and more. Everyone on board is designated a life vest, and all safety arrangements are made prior to departure from the dock.
The best thing about sailing around Dubai is that the seas are very calm and is almost a haven for sea enthusiasts, The UAE shoreline is has low currents, are the beaches are gentle, just right for a little mid sea exploration or adventure sports like water sports, swimming, and diving.

Cruising Sights in Dubai

Cruising Sights in Dubai

Dubai is the world’s fastest growing global landmark that offers thrill seekers amazing sights and sounds  that are nothing short of astonishing. There is no comparison to exploring Dubai by sea. Super Yachts Dubai has made this possible for many of our clients for so many years and does so with style and elegance.
Dubai, as a city offers tourists more must-see landmarks on its seas than on land.
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • The World Islands
  • Dubai Marina
  • Palm Jumeirah
Cruising Sights in DubaiBurj Al Arab – the world’s 4th tallest hotel shaped like the sail of a ship, set the benchmark in architectural brilliance and luxury, the Burj Al – Arab leaves sight seekers in awe, when circled.
Atlantis Hotel – The first and most significant hotel built on the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeira is a marvel landmark on the gulf sea.
Palm Islands – The palm islands are an artificial archipelago created on reclaimed land in Jumeira Dubai is a visual marvel from the sea and even more spectacular from the air.
Dubai Marina – an artificial canal city is a district in Dubai that boasts of many high buildings and hotels that spans across three kms on the shoreline of the Persian Gulf.

World Islands – A global landmark on the Persian Gulf designed in a rough shape of the world continents is open for exploration of tourists and sight seekers. Explore Dubai World Islands in under an hour.
Cruising Sights in DubaiBurj Khalifa – a modern day construction marvel is the tallest building in the world standing at a height of 829 meters. Viewing it from the seas below cannot be explained, and only experienced.
These are some of the sights that our customers enjoy when they book a package with Super Yacht Dubai. Whether it is for a celebration of a life changing moment or the simple need to excitement and thrill, Super Yacht Dubai caters to your every desire.

The Yachts Dubai are fully functional in meeting the requirements for corporate outings as well as social engagements where the focus is enjoyment!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Super Yacht Dubai

Sailing the seas is something we all dream about and is the height of luxurious living. Super Yacht Dubai makes this possible right by your front door on the Persian Gulf. The company boasts of four yachts and a catamaran to choose from, making boat rental easy and convenient. With different packages available, depending on the preferred duration of your expedition, the number of passengers, and the occasion, Super Yacht Dubai is able to customize your marine experience. We have well trained and highly qualified crewmen, and comply with the UAE Coast Guard Regulations; while keeping up with the lastest in safety and marine navigational equipment.

Our largest Yacht the Aicon- 72 comprises of 4 cabins, sleeping 8 guests comfortably overnight and entertains a total of 22 guests for the day. The Yacht is lined with luxurious linen and wooden flooring to give our passengers a true sense of the comfort and tranquility of home. Snack and refeshments are provided and should you require a BBQ or a mini meal buffet, this will be accomodated at an additional cost. The Yacht encourages plenty of socializing and relaxing under the sun, providing ample space for both activities. Special requirements for functions and parties will be organized at your requests. The Aicon -72 is suitable for small corparate events or even a celebratory cruise of a wedding party.

The Azimot-52 , more compact than the Aicon-72, is ideal for a fishing trip along the arab coast and sleeps 6 in 3 cabins for over night cruises and can handle a total number of 15 guests for the day, perfect way to sight see the Persian Gulf.

The Super Yacht Dubai also has in its fleet, a Catamaran, The Voyage 450DC for professional sailing across the landmark beaches and Dubai’s iconic man-made Islands. You may even catch a glimpse of some of the world famous celebrities that live and sail the seas in and around Dubai. A length of 14.5 meters, The Voyage 450 DC has a mast of 18.9 meters, high enough for an adrenaline filled sailing adventure.

The Atomix 7500 sports is good for a day out on the seas with 7 of your friends or family. This Yatch is perfect for an early morning fishing trip with your collauges or business partners.

The Beja 42 is excellent for a sunset romantic outting on the arabian shoreline to leave you breathless. Compact, yet luxuriously decorated to suit even the most expensives tastes. The Beja 42 comes equipped with all the modern convenience of technology packed into the thrill for speed.

Sailing on Yachts Dubai is now easliy accessible and a great way to spend your time off. Whether you yearn to see the lights twinkling from the skyscrapers at night, while watching the reflection of the moon on the waters, or rising to the sun in the east, Super Yacht Dubai can make it all happen. With our luxury fleet, renowned safety, advanced technology, and well trained crew and staff, we strive to make the holiday of your dreams a reality by the sea.