Thursday, 25 February 2016


Yacht rental in Dubai

Corporate events are always one of the most important events in the corporate calendar. Much planning and preparations are done in advance to ensure that the event is made a great success. Its’ outcome can speak a lot about the company and its management. Organizing the event can be a very stressful task for the management and coordinators as it is vital that everything is picture perfect on the day of the event. From the venue, food, entertainment to transportation everything needs to be timed properly and should be of the highest quality. Any company will like to get the best value for the money they invest in this once a year event.
Yacht rental in Dubai

When finalizing the venue, many things need to be looked into. Along with the convenience the venue needs to be well equipped with the latest equipment and provide the luxury, care and comfort to your guests. If you are tired of having an event within four walls or in the garden what about organizing the event on a yacht in Dubai?
Yacht rental in Dubai is made available for various cruises and private events. Yacht hire in Dubai is a much spoken about service. When you decide on a yacht charter in Dubai for your next corporate event it will reflect positively on your companies image.
Yacht rental in Dubai

It will be an impressive and memorable event with the best catering, entertainment and attentive crew.  It will be the best presentation of pleasure and business which will help open up many networking opportunities. It will be an ideal setup to entertain clients, reward staff and to rekindle business relationships. Sailing will indeed inspire team work and bonding. Many companies have carried out family outings, staff parties, training programs, product launches, cocktail receptions,  rewards and incentive events, team building programs and a various other events successfully.
Many yacht hiring services provide personalized care based on your requirements and are known for their services, as only the best in the trade will be serving in these luxury yachts.
The best yachts providing catering, hostess, entertainment, decorations, transportations, sports activities and even a videographer and photographer on request. Speak to your coordinators today to find out more details about hiring a yacht for your next corporate event.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Dubai Shared Cruises for Expats and Locals

Sea Cruises Dubai is a luxury weekend option if you have just moved to Dubai. Our shared cruised are a great way for expat residents to meet locals and other expats from around the world.  The cruises are great to meet people in your industry, potential business partners, or they are also great for luncheon meetings or time with the family.
Super Yacht Dubai organizes private and shared cruises to suit any style and budget. Super Yacht shared cruises leave the port in the mornings and evenings offering individuals a chance to experience sea cruise Dubai without burning a hole in your wallet. We bring together everything you will need as a guest for a spectacular weekend yacht trip Dubai. Enjoy the day mingling with new people, tasting the extravagant buffet we put together,  try your hand at fishing or take a dip in the ocean, snorkel, and make your way back to port with something to write home about. Our team makes everything so easy that all you have to do is show up.
Yacht Trip Dubai

Super Yachts Sea cruises Dubai are designed to be exciting for every guest on board. The cruises are accompanied by very attentive staff whose presence will make you feel comfortable and safe during the entire time you remain on board. Depending on the number of bookings we have for that day, we pick from the biggest yachts in our fleets to give each on-board guest the privacy they need.
Dubai’s surrounding oceans are calm and serene, and are surrounded by some of the richest coral gardens around the Persian Gulf. Visit the man-made wonders like the Palm Islands, the World Islands, take a swim on a private beach while the yacht docks for a well deserved break. Enjoy a afternoon beach bar b q, have a chat, or enjoy some water sports, catch a wave, or take some time to catch up on some reading in the shade of the yacht itself.
Our chefs will have some favorite delicacies for you to enjoy, some creative appetizers, refreshing juices, and delicious main meals all created with you in mind.  Taking a solo cruise on our yachts is known to be relaxing, if not a soul searching well deserved break from the madness of life and routine.
We have the best captains and crew who will keep you in safe hands from the moment you get on board till the time you leave. The staff are there to make sure your time on board is both enjoyable and safe, and you have all you need for a day our at sea. If sailing has interested you before, or would like to try something new in Dubai, a shared cruise will certainly be one thing you just have to experience. When we take care of everything, all you have to do is, show up.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Water Sports in Dubai

When was the last time you just let go and had so much fun that you came out of a weekend feeling like you needed another holiday to recover from the last one? Well water sports Dubai with Super Yacht might just be what you are looking for. Sometimes letting go of stress, means trying something fun and exciting, and being left with a few bruises here and there wouldn’t hurt either.. Well it might for a few days, but when you’re having a heap of fun, you won’t notice it.
Our water sports packages are available for those thrill seeking weekenders who just want to let loose in adventure. We arrange everything that you would need for a fun filled day out on the Dubai Shore line. You can choose to go on individual excursions or have these fun activities as part of your private yacht cruise. We arrange private yachts cruises as well as shared cruises, daily leaving the port in the afternoon and evenings.
luxury yacht rentals

Water sport activities are limitless, from tubes, to speed boats, to group fun on the banana boat, jet-ski, body boarding, water skiing, surfing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and wake boarding are all part of the fun activities that we can plan for you.
Our water sports activities are supervised and lead by leading experts and certificate holders who are there with you every step of the way. We ensure your safety while you explore the calm waters of the Persian Gulf. You can choose one or two of the activities, or choose to have them all arranged for before you depart from the port, and the equipment will be there with you at your point of anchor.
Water Sports in Dubai by Super Yacht is just one of many of the additional services we offer along with our luxury yacht rentals, as well as special event on board our yachts. We take the safety requirements of all our passengers seriously and we include all the necessary safety gear, from life vests, oxygen tanks, and a first aid kit. 

Water Sports is just the greatest way to while away the weekend, leaving all the stress behind. You can book your preferred choice of activities, for your family or with a group of friends; the more guests you bring with you, the more fun you will have.
Our jet-skis are top of the range stealthy skis that have been purchased for the speed and thrill they offer. They are meant to carry two passengers, and fly over the water safely. The inflatable vessels which we have for the fun rides for individuals as well as groups are also the highest quality to ensure the safety of passengers and guests. If you much rather prefer less strenuous activities, let us know and we will give you the option to enjoy a quiet swim, a deep sea snorkel, or you can simply set yourself under the shade of the yacht, and enjoy deep sea fishing.
Be sure to ask our staff about the options available to you for a little extra fun, when booking a yacht Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai...

Monday, 15 February 2016

Fun ideas during stay in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Malls

Dubai is a paradise for shopping lovers and famous for its mega shopping malls in all over the world. I can bet, you can never get bored by visiting shopping malls in Dubai, there is always something new waiting for you. Visit shopping malls like Mall of the Emirates, Ibn-e-Batuta, City Center, Burjuman, Lamcy Plaza, Wafi City and Gold Market at Deira. You will find almost everything in under one roof with a lot of entertainment stuff for the visitors. If you are a tourist you could ask Hotel Management to arrange a shopping tour for you or can get contact number of any touring agency in Dubai.

Dubai Beaches

Dubai beaches can be rated as the most beautiful beaches in the region. There are many 5-star hotels, private clubs, public places like playgrounds, barbecue sites, food kiosks, dinner restaurants with personal waiter/waitress on beach and several picnic areas for families all along the length of Beach. Al Mamzar Beach and Jumeirah Beach are most attractive beaches in Dubai with world class hotels like Jumeirah Hotel and Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Dubai can be an amazing experience for you regardless you are a beginner or a professional. Warm water of Gulf and sun shine all around the year makes Dubai a paradise for water skiers. Every Year Dubai Water Sports Association invites top professional skiers from all over the world to participate in a week-long Water Ski festival. Ask your hotel management or tour operator for further details.

Skiing at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai offers an amazing skiing and snowboarding experience right in the middle of desert. Ski Dubai opened in 2005 at Mall of the Emirates (Dubai Mall). 22,500-sqft Ski Dubai consists of 60-meter high indoor mountain with 5 slopes of varying steepness and difficulty including a 400-metre long run, the world’s first indoor black run and a 90-metre-long quarter pipe for snowboarders. Means that young or Adult there is something for everyone. You can even sign up yourself or your children for ski/snowboard lessons. Overall Ski Dubai is a unique attraction that offers amazing fun time to enjoy real snow all year round in Dubai.