Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai

Rent a Yacht in Dubai for a fun filled weekend with your family, friends or colleagues. Super Yacht Dubai is a yacht company with a large number of yachts for hire in Dubai.  We have special packages available to suit any occasion or requirement for private day cruises, corporate functions, or adventure seekers. Our Dubai yachts are top notch, with the smallest yacht accommodating a minimum of six passengers and the largest yacht in Dubai accommodating about fifty passengers on a day cruise.
Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai
Call us with your requirements and we will plan your Yacht Rental Dubai package for you, and organize everything that you would need to make your yacht cruise all the more memorable.
A family weekend adventure on any one of our yachts is truly an experience that will leave the smallest member of your family excited and the oldest relaxed. A private family cruise along the coastal waters of Dubai is an experience unmatched by another weekend itinerary that you could think of. The team at Super Yacht Dubai works hard to bring together all the elements for a comfortable and safe cruise for you and your family.
Before you depart from the dock, we will make arrangements to have your favorite food ordered and prepared, which will be on board in time for the cruise. We have special menus designed to offer you plenty of choice in snacks and main meals. You have the choice to choose light snacking or finger food or an elaborate mix of Hors d'oeuvre to keep you filled during the entire length of the cruise. You will have plenty of refreshments and water. Our full day and half day cruises will include lunch or dinner served on board or on a private beach on one of the magnificent man made locations that surrounds the city of Dubai.
Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai
Depending on the duration of your sea adventure and the time of your cruise, we advice to pack light. You will need something to swim in, a change of clothes and do not forget your sunscreen. All our boats are fitted with a fully functional bathroom, and our larger boats have extravagant showers and luxury suites.
When you and your family board the super luxury yacht, the designated crew will show you around and give you a safety briefing as required by UAE Coast Guard regulations. Every passenger will have a designated life jacket and be shown the assembly point in case of emergency. This is only a requirement, as the seas around Dubai are always calm, and the weather has always been favorable throughout the year.
Book a Private Yacht in Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai
Once you board and get comfortable, you will have access to other activities like swimming, fishing, or you can relax on the deck soaking up some rays. You will have access to unlimited refreshments, and if you choose a long range yacht, you will have access to all the comforts of a great hotel.
Yacht Hire Dubai is made easy through Super Yacht; call us today and be on your way to an ocean adventure.....

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