Monday, 18 April 2016

Luxury Yachts Dubai

So we’ve all travelled the globe on planes and we know how difficult it actually is to travel with children through airports, getting to and from the destination hotel, packing and unpacking and in the end never really having any time to relax. Have you ever thought of taking a family vacation out at sea? Super Yacht Dubai are your private and convenient vacation consultants who take care of everything, including getting you and your family onto one of our luxury yachts Dubai.
Luxury Yachts Dubai
If you have young children then you know keeping them occupied whilst on a holiday is difficult. They constantly need stimulation and want to be taken places so they can see and experiences as much of the city as possible. A yacht adventure is filled with stimulation while children get to explore the deep blue sea and all it offers. They will be occupied learning about the various types of marine life floating underneath, while catching fish and even helping the captain and crew with navigating the boat in the middle of the ocean.
Luxury Yachts Dubai
Sounds exciting doesn’t it? In addition to meeting the demands for excitement, Super Yacht also arranges to have all your favourite snacks and foods on boat. We cater for large corporate functions and private parties and make available an array of Hors d’oeuvre and cocktail finger foods for your kids to enjoy. Our team of vacation consultants will work with you to bring your preferences on board and serve it to your in a timely fashion ensuring your children are happy throughout their time aboard our yachts.
You can choose to go on day’s trip exploring the ocean and the seas of Dubai, or extend your yacht cruise Dubai to an overnight adventure. Our yachts are designed to sleep up to a maximum of eight onboard guests. We provide the comforts of a luxury hotel with the addition of your own servers and crew who will look after your family.
Our safety standards are maintained to the highest standards of UAE marine regulations and ensure all onboard passengers small and big have designated life jackets. The good news is the Dubai seas are generally calm throughout the year and never have rough waves. The area is great for swimming and snorkelling.
Luxury Yachts Dubai
Super Yacht is a highly professional yacht chartering firm that takes your vacation needs seriously. Our well trained and highly friendly captain and crew are ever ready to show you the ropes to sailing, and make your trip the most memorable one yet.
The convenience of packing light, having a limousine pick you and your family up from the steps of your front door, and whisking you away to the jetty where our fleet of yachts are stationed, and then experiencing Dubai from the seas, is what Super Yacht is all about. We strive to make your sea adventure for you and your family an exciting one. Call us now and book your very own exclusive yachts Dubai today for a vacation with ease...

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