Friday, 15 April 2016

Dubai Luxury Yachts

Sail your way to health would be a novel idea and with Super Yacht, Dubai luxury yachts renting company, you can do just that. Have you wondered about your health and then pondered on the idea of a vacation, but with the heavy demand of your work and family life, taking some time off to get fit and have some R and R seems farfetched. Sailing as an activity or hobby is scientifically proven to improve your health and stamina, while relaxing your mind, body, and soul.
Dubai Luxury Yachts
Super Yacht customers are privileged to enjoy the warm breeze of the seas while having an exhilarating adventure off the coast of Dubai. You can select from our fleet of catamarans and yachts that will give you the kind of time off you were looking for. Hiring a yacht is more than just a fun thing to do; Its action packed, increases your stamina, and gets all your muscles working.
Sailing reduces stress dramatically, allowing you to leave your worries and stressful thoughts behind when you pull away from the dock. It takes you to a completely different world literally, with a change of environment and atmosphere. All of our clients whether corporate yacht hires or ocean enthusiasts get off the boat feeling completely rejuvenated.
 Renting a catamaran in Dubai builds stamina and endurance. Our team of highly experienced crew will do most of the work, but you are welcome to help and pump up that heart. Fighting the strong winds to hoist the main sail or pull on the ropes to change direction are fun ways to get fit. Many different studies that have replicated the actions in a lab have shown that all major muscles in the arms, torso, and legs move into action while sailing.
Dubai Luxury Yachts
Sailing out into the ocean, especially around the coastline of Dubai, provides many safe and secluded areas of sea where you can swim and dive deep into the ocean exploring the great unknown. Swimming and diving reduces the stress on your body by decreasing your weight to just 10%. This means that your body is able to exercise, building muscle, and stamina with a fraction of the tension that you would normally experience at a gym.
Sailing is a relaxing sport that is tailored to your requirements. Super Yacht team will custom create a package for you, encompassing swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, water sports or tone it down to give you some well deserved RnR.
Dubai Luxury Yachts
You may like the idea of catching some fish, enjoying a light buffet, and sun bathing, or prefer to just sit back and relax while exploring the hundreds of man made marvels like the World Islands and the Palm Islands. If you are looking for an exhilarating workout or to just relax and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, talk to us about planning your next weekend on a Yacht.....

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