Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

A wedding is the most special day of anybody’s life; it is a day when two people announce to the world their pledge to love each other for the rest of their lives. It is the beginning of a journey and this day should not be anything less than spectacular and memorable. Super Yacht Dubai specializes in creating the most memorable and intimate wedding celebrations out at sea. Super Yacht Dubai offers many different types of luxurious sea crafts to choose from accommodating anywhere between 8 and 34 guests. A wedding on a luxury yacht, Dubai is an event remembered for a life time.

Super Yacht Dubai fulfills all requirements for your special day taking care of the catering, elaborate decorations, music and we even throw in spectacular fireworks display either on the land or from the boat itself. Guest will be additionally delighted when they are picked up in a limousine. It is an experience not just for the couple, but also for everyone attending. Renting a Yacht in Dubai, for your special day has never been simpler.
A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Our priority for any event on board our yacht is safety. Everybody visitor will have a designated life jacket complying with the UAE coast guard regulation. Our staff is well trained on safety and precaution, while the vessels are maintained to the highest standards of safety and security. We take care of the hidden concern of safety completely, while you and your loved ones celebrate your wedding in style.
The menu options is a 5 star catering service offering a huge selection of canapés and hors d’oeuvres, or different cuisines served as an elegant buffet. The couple can decide on a custom menu and Super Yacht Dubai will source the best caterers for exotic cuisines of French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Oriental origins, to name a few or a combination of all or some. A small guest list, will mean, the couple can select an extravagant line up of food and wine, which will tantalize the taste buds of all guests in attendance of this special day.

A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

Decorations depending on the model of Yacht or catamaran you select, Super Yacht Dubai offers decorations and lighting running across the sail of the boat and can be seen for miles on the land and sea. We work with your ideas and whether you require an elegant ambiance or bright display of lighting and decoration, Super Yacht Dubai will go the extra mile to comply with your requirements.
Entertainment and Music are two important elements for any wedding, and your wedding onboard a yacht will be no different if not amazing. Music will be organized to make your wedding just that extra special.
There are many Yacht and Catamarans to choose from depending on the number of guests invited.
34 Onboard Guests – The Voyage 450 DC a 45 foot sailing catamaran for AED 2500 per hour is perfect for a small registration or wedding reception of close friends and family.
8 onboard guests – Baja, a 42 foot motor boat accommodates a party of 8 onboard for AED 1500, suitable for wedding retinue get-away after the main wedding or private registration with family.
22 onboard guests – Aicon 72 an elongated 76 foot Yacht offering the comforts and amenities of a suite on the sea for AED 2,200 per hour.
15 onboard guests – Azimut a 52 feet long yacht with the capacity to accommodate your guests for AED 1,250 Per Hour.
A Wedding on a Luxury Yacht Dubai

7 onboard Guests – For this very small private affair, the Atomic 7500 Sports Yacht is most suitable at AED 600 per hour.

Celebrating your special day with us on a Yacht or catamaran in Dubai could be a continuation or a preliminary celebration of your special day. If you would like celebrate your wedding with a difference then talk to us at Super Yacht Dubai about your dream wedding of sailing the seas at sunset...

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  1. Wedding on a Luxury Yacht!! That sounds just great. I am so impressed to read this wonderful article. Well, our wedding budget is quite low so we would prefer hosting a small ceremony at domestic wedding venues NYC. If you have any decoration ideas then please share that!