Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Yacht in Dubai

Super Yacht Dubai takes you on a tour of the Persian Gulf in and around Dubai. The Persian Gulf, rich in history and wild life, this body of water in between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula offers tourists much to see and experience. With hundreds of species of birds and marine life, a tour of the Persian Gulf on a catamaran or yacht in Dubai is a splendid way to spend your well-deserved break from work.
Yacht in Dubai

Globally and historically known as the Persian Gulf, it does have some controversy surrounding its name. Sometimes referred to the Arabian Gulf and other times The Gulf by the Arab states, of these two titles, neither is internationally recognized. The International Hydrographic organization has termed it The Gulf of Iran or the Persian Gulf, keeping in line with historical references.

The Persian Gulf; saturated in coral reefs with an abundance of fish and pearl oysters, tourists are left captivated by this underwater ecology system. However, in recent times the eco system has been facing danger from heavy industrial hazards, especially oil spills from containers travelling to and from the region. This stretch of seabed has seen better days before the world demand for petroleum began.

The surface area of the Gulf stretches across 251, 000 square kilometers separated from the Gulf of Oman by the Strait of Hormuz in the east. The major river delta of the Shatt al-Arab marks the west end, which stretches to a length of 989 kilometers. The width varies anywhere between 55 km to 340 km. The area of ocean is comparatively shallow to the other oceans of world and does not go beyond the depth of 90 meters.
Yacht in Dubai

The Gulf of Iran, almost a landlocked sea if not for the neighboring Strait of Hormuz, is surrounded by oil rich gulf nations, clockwise from the east, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE.
The Persian Gulf is the world’s main largest crude oil reserve, and therefore petroleum related industries operate primarily from this region.

Aside from being rich in crude oil and gas, this body of water is also home to almost 700 species of fish, and the main attraction for our clients on the Dubai yacht’s are the sea cows or Dugongs. The gulf is the second largest habitat for sea cows who are more like land mammals than whales and dolphins are, as they graze the seabed for seaweed and oceanic plant life.

Bird watchers too, are pleasantly surprised with the number of unique birds seen while sailing the shores of the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah area. The region attracts many species of migratory birds looking for warmer sunnier weather. One specific bird, which is a sub-species of the kingfisher family Kalbaensis, passes through this unique eco system.
Yacht in Dubai

Dolphins too, are seen loitering the shores delighting and surprising our clients sailing the seas with us. Super Yacht Dubai, along with its specialized team of marine navigators and entertainment specialists, who call the Gulf of Iran home, are always out to ensure your experience with us is out of the ordinary.....

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