Thursday, 30 March 2017

What to do with Super Yacht Dubai

About Us

We seek to bring people to a more intimate knowledge of the sea in all its magnificence. By offering world-class yacht charter in Dubai, we aim to reveal the beauty of cruising to more people. We have a large offering of yachts for chartering in Dubai, all of which are available for a wide array of occasions.

For a lasting experience from our boat cruise experience, customers can avail additional services such as catering, event decorations, photography, videography, and on-board entertainment from us. Make gatherings extra memorable with a cruising experience residents can truly enjoy.

If you want to do something fun over the weekend, you can rent a motorboat from our fleet of yachts and go on a relaxing fishing trip with your friends. Enjoy air conditioned cabins, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a kitchen area equipped with all the necessities you will need for a short fishing trip, including wine glasses!

5 Things You Will Enjoy with Us

Dubai is a land of opportunity for those who else seeking for a adventure, right now we are covering/talking about ocean adventure specially about cruising/yachting. As you know we offer special services of Yacht Booking in Dubai we are looking forward to tell what you can do with us when you wish to book our luxury yachts and cruises.

Party Celebration

No matter what kind of party coming a head you can plan it to celebrate with us, our special yachts have capacity of 40 passengers which are loaded with all facilities like, kitchen, dining room, party room, music sound system, bed rooms and much more.

Barbecue (BBQ) Party

We have special staff for these sort of parties full cooking and BBQ mechanism are installed with a trained staff or you can do it by your self if you love to cook. The safety measures are also provided with each of our luxury yacht.


Fishing trips are one of the special service among all service we are offering, it is also best activity no matter you plan with us or plan individual. The needles and fishing equipment are available or you can bring your own for special equipment you can mention during booking call.


It is most adventurous and best activity just slow down or stop your yacht on deep ocean and just dive in believe me it is one of the best activity you can do while cruising, but make sure you have to know swimming well although we have included safety measures on each yacht.

Office Meetings

There is no place more peaceful like deep on ocean just slow down your yacht there enjoy lovely food and talk with your team, believe me you can plan well with 100% concentration and dedication for taking rest you can lay down on the bow or dive in for little chill. A luxury yacht have all facilities which are available in your office meeting room except that you can also enjoy a lovely weather and views there.

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