Monday, 3 April 2017

Super Yacht Dubai Services

Super Yacht is a dynamic and well established Yacht Charter Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We thrive to become the exclusive Yacht Charter Company of Dubai offering Comfort, Luxury, Adventure and High performance.
Have you ever considered our Exclusive cruise package with a special friend on a chartered yacht?
Whether you are considering a day out with friends and family, a romantic sunset cruise as an anniversary gift, adventure sailing, sightseeing cruise, celebrating a special day or organizing a corporate event, we will be happy to welcome you on-board for an exciting and memorable experience. It would be our pleasure to discuss out of the box ideas and to accommodate any particular details that you may have as we are committed to being innovative and delivering the best.
Indeed the long awaited canal is open to charter yachts, water sports and old-school enjoyment.
Imagine a peaceful trip sailing through the turquoise waters of the Dubai Canal where you become one with the sensational scenery, where the jaw dropping backdrop of the city’s skyline reflects off the waters and where you can gaze at the modern marvels in all its beauty.
More possible than ever is the opportunity to rent out a luxurious yacht where you, your family and friends are treated to immaculate service and shown some of the most breathtaking landmarks in all of Dubai.
Sailing choices with Super Yachts are endless, we rent our crafts complete with professional crew, you get to relax and leave the sailing hassle in the hands of professionals.
Dubai city never rests the city is constantly growing and promises are always kept no matter how big they are. The Dubai Water Canal has been long awaited and now stretches just over three kilometers from Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. Flanked by a board-walk that stretches the entire distance, overhead are two pedestrian bridges that gracefully snake from one side of the canal to the other.
As you fly on water, you get to indulgence in the services of a luxury yacht of your choice, whilst capturing memories of the joy of deep sea fishing with friends, or the romance of a sunset.
Think about a once in a lifetime memory as you get to choose your chartered yacht, size ranging from 34 all the way up to 115 feet, you become king and queen for the day. It’s affordable and it’s unforgettable just like Dubai.

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